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Медицинский туризм

Медицинский туризм

Thanks to the modern architecture of the building, favorable conditions were created both for the stay of patients and for the work of medical staff. Initially, the hospital was equipped with modern imported medical equipment, which allowed from the first days to provide a high level of medical and diagnostic care to patients.

Currently, the hospital for war veterans No. 3 is a multidisciplinary medical institution with 680 beds in 15 specialized departments equipped with modern medical technologies and equipment.

The Advisory and diagnostic Department is receiving 19 medical specialties, the planned capacity of the BDO is 250 visits per shift.



1 cardiology Department
2 emergency cardiology Department with PRET
3 Department of vascular surgery
4 orthopedic Department
5 surgical Department
6 geriatric Department
7 Department of purulent surgery
8 neurological Department for patients with onmc with PITR

9 gastroenterology Department
10 urological Department
11 neurological Department
12 neurological Department
13 geriatric Department
14 therapeutic Department
16 geriatric Department

17 Department of palliative care
Operational block

Department of anesthesiology and intensive care with intensive care and intensive care wards
Department of rehabilitation treatment
Cabinet gravitational blood surgery of

The Hospital has a primary vascular Department (PSO), which includes:

emergency cardiology Department with 40 beds and intensive care unit with 6 beds.
neurological Department for patients with onmc for 48 beds with intensive care and intensive care unit for 12 beds.
In the primary vascular Department, emergency hospitalization of patients with acute emergency conditions is carried out.


Department of radiosurgical methods of diagnostics and treatment
X-ray Department (with MRI, CT)
Radioisotope laboratory with" in vitro " division
Department of functional and ultrasonic diagnostics
The endoscopy Department
Clinical and diagnostic laboratory
Bacteriological laboratory


Admission department
Central sterilization Department
Pathology Department


Address: 129336, Moscow, Startovaya str., 4

How to reach us:
from the underground Medvedkovo bus No. 50 to the stop "Hospital"
from metro Babushkinskaya bus number 181 stop " Hospital"

Telephone for information:
Information about patients (from 8.30 to 20.00) 8 (499)760-49-96
Fax (from 8.30 to 17.00) 8 (499)760-49-61
Dispatch for technical issues (around the clock) 8 (499)760-49-59
CDC registry ( from 8.00 to 19.00) 8 (499)760-49-52

Reception - (24 hours) 8 (495) 474-99-10

Reception of the chief physician - (around the clock) 8 (499) 760-49-97


email: gvv3@zdrav.mos.ru

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